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2014-08-19 02:13:14 by teddyteddy1234

i've only been here for a few days or so, but man! this website is great!

people are so helpful and kind, and you can find literally ANYTHING here!

Any question that's been bugging me, someone on here has asked it... and gotten thorough responses!

just letting you guys know i like it here. :)

Hello everyone!

2014-08-15 19:47:26 by teddyteddy1234

Hello! My name is Teddy. I'm a musician! I like to make music of all types, but I mostly revolve around electronic-esque stuff. I've known about this website/forum for a while, and I really like the community here! Very nice, helpful, knowledgable and down-to-Earth people here.

Say hi! :)